Calvin hiding at Seahurst Park Monthly Science & Nature Day Program

South Sound Nature School

An invitation to anyone with a curious mind

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a safe and healthy opportunity for young people in the south sound to experience their natural environment. Our goal is to effectively pass academic, social, and wilderness survival skills onto children.

Our Experience
Naturalist educator Kevin “Porcupine” O’Malley has been leading and teaching educational walks with kindergarten through 8th grade home and elementary school children since 2004.  For more information, see Porcupine's biography on the 'About' page.

Normal Risky Outdoor Play
Necessary risky play helps kids develop social skills make quick judgement and find creative solutions to problems.  Children need to learn how to manage risks on their own and as an instructor I step back letting students trust in themselves. This allows the child to have new and unique emotional responses of excitement, joy and enjoyment. Research shows students can be "to safe" which leads to a sedentary life with higher chances of developing anxiety and phobias. SSNS encourages girls that they are equal to their boy counterparts and get to experience the social and physical benefits that come with participating in risky play. We provide an engaging environment in risky play that is as safe as necessary rather than as safe as possible.

Science and Nature Studies
Science and Nature Studies Programs are designed to explore state curriculum goals and equally empower kids using hands-on, nature-based activities that engage all the senses. These programs are an adventure in exploring the natural world through the intellectual mind, intuition, physical body, and healthy connections using play, artful questioning, and scientific method.  We notice that there is a unique relationship to science and place through the intuitive and intellectual intelligences. Science and Nature Programs are offered once a month on Fridays and are geared toward getting children outside.  Most field trips will be held at Seward Park in Seattle and Seahurst Park in Burien.  Other special projects, programs, or sites are available upon request.

Further Reading

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, the author that coined the term "Nature Deficit Disorder."