Naturalist At Your School

Making a sea kelp didgeridoo with students at Seahurst Park in Burien

Making a sea kelp didgeridoo with students at Seahurst Park in Burien


Porcupine’s genuine passion for the natural world and working with children is seen in his authentic and playful approach that invites a sense of wonder.  He offers several opportunities for children to become aware of their surrounding through experiences that engage their senses.  This way of learning often leads to deep inquiry and connection, where he is also very skilled at letting children lead in their own time and in their own way.   It has been a privilege to partner with Porcupine to expand The Bridge School naturalist program.  I highly recommend his classes, and if you are so lucky to be a teacher, to weave his program into the school year. -Jaime Van Doughty, Wilderness Explorations Teacher Bridge School

Naturalist Educator Kevin "Porcupine" O'Malley would be serving your school as an environmental educator and local science expert.Porcupine has over a decade of instructing students in hands on science & nature explorations.

Here is how SSNS can support your staff:

  • Provide teachers with local science and natural history knowledge.

  • Coordinate outreach to other community & state organizations and identify local field sites for hands on learning at study sites.

  • As a consultant of field trip curriculum, SSNS will provide insight into understanding the state curriculum. SSNS will work with teachers to figure out the best ways to educationally serve your students.

  • Customize your schools field trips

If your school is close to a local city park or green space the SSNS Science and Nature Programs are set up so that the students walk to their field trips. This field trip model keeps cost low & environmental impact down by not needing a bus. These field trips put your kids into their community and have great health benefits fighting obesity, ADD and other health challenges. Learning outside is associated with improved school performance and longer attention spans. We typically meet 3 times per year fall, winter & spring with hands on science learning connected to science, the senses & the seasons.

We are signing up schools for Spring 2018 & 2019-20 school year!
Field trips can happen year round in the PNW