Seahurst Summer Survival & Adventure Camps

Roark & Bjorn sharing about their  mini shelter.

Roark & Bjorn sharing about their mini shelter.


2019 Seahurst Park Summer Day Camps

Very Small Camp Sizes!

Sound Sound Nature School's Summer Day Camps 2018 will be held at Seahurst Park on Puget Sound.  The focus of our camps will be to nurture connection and awareness to nature by experiencing all the hidden gems these amazing parks have to offer.   We will promote a culture of kindness and respect for each other, ourselves, and nature.

Kids will come home more confident, enlivened, and asking questions about the plants and animals that live in our region. These camps are adventurous!  We will explore every corner of our vast parks with play, imagination and curiosity.  All camps include basic survival skills like shelter building on the beach, wildlife tracking, and creative 'art' project using elements from nature or clay.

Girls and Boys Ages 6-10
 Camps Times are from 9 am-4 pm

Survival Camp

This camp is always a real hit with the kids.  Based on the knowing of an area and the energy of the group we come up with ways to practice survival in the wilderness without the stress of actually being lost or stranded. We will learn both practical skills like shelter building on the beach and behavioral skills like how to stay calm and feel at home in nature.  We will come to realize that we can work together to be safe and help the group get through our experience.

Adventure Camp

This camp is great in conjunction with the survival camp and connects the campers with how fun and exciting it can be to explore in nature. In Adventure Camp the kids will play games together that help them learn about group dynamics and local flora and fauna.  Activities may include tide pooling and edible plant identification.  Kids will come home with great stories of their learning  journey with new friends and Porcupine.

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