Seahurst Park Owl Prowl

June 30th Friday 8:00pm-9:45pm

*Meet at the Playground near the Bathrooms*

Naturalist Educator and Birder Kevin “Porcupine” O’Malley will be sharing his experience and thoughts with you as you adventure into the mixed woods on the Salish Sea (Puget Sound). Our goal is to explore the forest and engage our observation skills to find an owl!

Farragut Bay Alaska Great Horned Owl, Just fledged nest.

Farragut Bay Alaska Great Horned Owl, Just fledged nest.

Tracking and observing owls in the wild will be part of our story. We will learn more about their habitats and behaviors, including what they eat. In the first half of the night we will get a chance to identify fur, feathers, and bones by dissecting Barn Owl Pellets! We’ll also talk about which species of owls live locally, how to see these nocturnal birds as well as the tracks and signs they leave behind. Then we’ll go on an Owl Prowl!

This will be mostly be a hands on experience and a slow, quiet walk. Please bring your binoculars and warm clothes. This activity is for all ages. Families with kids pay just $25 total, adults $15 each. Please use PayPal to transfer funds & secure a spot ( I will also take cash or check that evening.