Seahurst & Seward Park Summer Day Camps

Sound Sound Nature School's Summer Day Camps 2018 will be held at Seahurst Park on Puget Sound and in Seward Park on Lake Washington. The focus of our camps will be to nurture connection and awareness to nature. We will promote a culture of kindness and respect for each other, ourselves, and nature. Our instructor is very experienced and the camper to instructor ratio will be 8 to 1. Kids will come home more confident, more alive, and asking questions about the natural history of our region. These camps will be an adventure in exploration of the natural world through play, imagination and curiosity. We will teach basic survival skills like shelter building on the beach and wildlife tracking. The summer camps will be very safe and your child will want to come back again.

Girls and Boys Ages 6-10
 Camps Times are from 9am-4pm

Survival Camp

This camp is always a real hit with the kids. Based on the knowing of an area and the energy of the group we come up with ways to practice survival in the wilderness without the stress of actually being lost or stranded. We will learn both practical skills like shelter building on the beach and behavioral skills like how to stay calm and feel at home in nature. We will come to realize that we can work together to be safe and help the group get through our experience.

Adventure Camp

This camp is great in conjunction with the survival camp and connects the campers with how fun and exciting it can be to explore in nature. In Adventure Camp the kids will play games together that teach them about group dynamics and natural history, which includes tide pooling & edible plant identification at Seahurst Park, kids will come home with great stories of thier learning  journey.

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Aug 14-18 Seahurst Survival Camp
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Our Philosophy

Why Nature Connection?

 Our busy modern lifestyles has kept us inside a building watching T.V., on the internet, or playing video games.  I did this as a kid!  While there is nothing wrong with being inside researching  or watching movies online  we have lost our connection and balance with nature and miss out on the benefits outdoor play provides.  At Seahurst & Seward Park Summer Camps we will be outside experiencing the perks of nature. Instructors will be paying attention to how differently your kid acts, plays, and communicates in nature seeing the changes in them first hand.