"I think they are having fun" Seward Park Survival Camp Summer 2018

"I highly recommend nature classes with Porcupine.  Not only does he have a wealth of experience, but he also has a very natural rapport with kids.  My kids always come home energized and excited by what they've observed and discovered."  --Carol, home school/FLP mom of 5

"It's just amazing!  I love that Porcupine takes us off-trail so we see things we normally wouldn't see. Porcupine is such a fun teacher!"  --Sophia, age 11

"I love nature classes with Porcupine because they're so hands-on!  It's positively amazing!"  -- Katie, age 9

"Not only did my son enjoy the SSNS summer camps, but every day he would come home energized and excited to share what he learned. The camp helped him be more confident, creative and inquisitive in general. I wish I had signed him up for more of their camps, even if they were 'repeats'. And Kevin (aka porcupine) is absolutely fantastic with the kids. I really can't say enough good things about this program."
--Melinda, PTSA President at Shorewood Elementary

Feedback from the kids....

Aiko's Heron Seahurst Park

Aiko's Heron Seahurst Park